Welcome to Piggy's!

Where we put the South in SoCal.

Enjoy down-home comfort, real ingredients from local farms, and live music + outdoor Sunday Church, making you feel right at home.

Join us for:

  • Piggy's Pulled Pork (Sandwich)
  • Hush Puppies (Oh Boy!)
  • Unltd. Ice Tea (Sweet & Simple)
  • Banana Pudding (Keepsake)

Weekends only:

  • Brisket (Ryan's Recipe)
  • Fried Okra (Your New Favorite)
  • Local Craft Beer (Rotating)
  • Pie of the Week (Try Them All!)

Drop your email below for an invite to our grand opening and a chance to snag a free Piggy's hat on opening day!

🐷 Stay tuned to @eatatpiggys for updates.

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